Lux Tempora Line Wood


Lux Tempora Line Wood

93 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm – 36,61 x 3,94 x 3,15 in

Weight approx. 11 lbs
Original version in olive ash with an oiled finish, continuous veining on all sides of the object.
Wood, synthetic glass, electronics and leds
Power Supply Mains

Type of wood
American walnut, Sycamore
Other species, please consult us.

Limited edition of 300.
Each piece of wood is unique.

Other materials and other dimensions: custom-made models, please consult us.
All the versions use the know-how of French high technology and craftsmanship and are made in France.
The electronic process and lighting developed to simulate the speed of light belong to CASSIOM®. A CASSIOM® exclusive.



An unusual and luminous object, Lux Tempora Line redefines our vision of time.

With a minimalist bias of the blueprint, Line conceptualizes the journey of the photon through the solar system: the planets, simple points in space, free themselves from the constraints of size. Their distance from the Sun remains accurate and proportional.

Intriguing, essential, unique, Lux Tempora Line offers a different vision of spatial time.