Data Constellation By Ludovic Roth


Resin and coal powder

16 cm in diameter by 15 cm high, in an artist’s rough wooden box

Original artwork, individually numbered with artist’s certificate.

2020 edition, single copy, 4 different shapes (Sagittarius, Cancer, Gemini and Taurus)

Next edition only upon order, delivery time not including shipping 15 days.

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Seduced by its know-how and creativity, Cassiom entrusts its first Carte Blanche to Ludovic Roth. The DATA CONSTELLATION by Ludovic Roth is an opportunity for an encounter with himself: the designer thinks a sculpture and the artist imagines the functional object. For the first edition, he acts as a designer and visual artist and proposes 4 interpretations inspired by the constellations, art objects of a sepulchral black. The first of a series in the exploration phase, Ludovic Roth crosses a fine line between design, to give meaning to the object, and art, to plunge into the curiosity of forms. The journey through the Cosmos is for him the ideal research field to demonstrate that the frontier lies within these narrow limits where the beauty of gesture reveals art to any object. From his Data Sculpture was born Data Constellation, a strange and intriguing thing that borrows from the real and the abstract. The artist – designer uses the substances he likes, resin, coal powder and vacuum.

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Cancer, Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus